Selecting the right casings


What size casing should I use?

We offer several sizes however the correct size depends on the specifications for the type of product being made.

What is the best way to store casings?

Store fibrous casings that have not been soaked in a dry cool room.

Why is my fibrous casing splitting when I stuff it?
  • Did not soak them properly.
  • Casings have been store in a hot dry place.
  • Casing has been over stuffed.
  • Product defidency… call us.


Approximate weight for the different sizes of casings:

Size of Casing (Diameter)
Weight (Metric)
Weight (Imperial)

50mm diameter - 2”

 1 Kilo   

 2-2.3 lbs

 55mm diameter- 2 ¼”

 1.25 Kilos

 2.5 lbs

 60mm diameter- 2 1/3”

 1.5 Kilos

 3 lbs

 65mm diameter- 2 1/2”

 1.75 Kilos

 3.5 lbs

 75mm diameter- 3”

 2.2 Kilos

 4.5 lbs

 90mm diameter-3 1/2”

 3 Kilos

 6.5 lbs

 105mm diameter- 4 1/4”

 4 Kilos

 8.5-9 lbs

 120mm diameter- 4 ¾"

 5 Kilos

 11 lbs

All weights will vary, if the product is an emulsion or dense ground meat mass, the later which is heaviest.