How the B&P experts make sausage, sharpen knives, prepare wood burning grills and smokers, and MORE... 

HOW TO: Use Peach PaperThursday, May 17, 2018
HOW TO: Make SopressataWednesday, April 18, 2018
Try your hand at dry curing with this easy peasy sopressata recipe. B&P tested and approved!!
Selecting the Right Casings
Learn what size casing to use, and the best way to store your casings...
Sausage Making Ingredients
All the ingredients you might find useful for sausage making.
HOW TO: Make Beef Jerky
Learn how to prepare beef jerky using either sliced jerky meat or ground beef.
Making Fresh Sausage
Everything you need to know to make your own fresh sausage.
What everybody who cooks should know about knives.
Knives to a chef are like brushes to an artist. He creates masterpieces with them. One or another is used in preparing just about every recipe. And the oldest looking are probably his most cherished.
Char Broil Smoker: Usage Guidelines
Char broil smokers have two chambers which connect the pipe for two types of cooking – the main grilling area, where the wood chips are put for smoking meat and a smaller firebox where the charcoal is placed...