Ingredients: (Per Kg)

15g Coarse Salt

3g F.S. Cure

4g Black Pepper

4g Whole Fennel Seed

2g Whole black peppercorn



29-32 Hog Casing



Try substituting red pepper flakes or paste for the (some or all) black pepper or adding a little red wine for a spicier and tangier twist.


Curing Instruction:

Lay flat on a rack in a cold room (50-60°F) for 1-2 days.

If sausage starts drying out to much or too quickly (white film starts forming) place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight and return to the drying rack the next day.

Can also mist lightly with water

Flatten or weigh down sausage for 1-2 days.

Remove weights and finish drying process checking regularly for 2-3 weeks. Sausage should be firm to the touch but not hard.

Vacuum seal in packages and store in refrigerator. **DO NOT FREEZE**